Probst EasyFill EF-H Paver Jointing Device

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Easy, flexible, quick and thus cost-saving filling of paver joints for small and medium sized areas. Filling material can be filled in both dry or by adding water.

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Probst EasyFill EF-H Paver Jointing Device

High Physical Relieve of Staff 80% less pushing force due to cleverly designed rotating brushes. This results in an integrated forward drive!
Robust and Long-life Brushes Up to 50mm of the bristle length can be worn before replacement.
Continuous & Quick Adjustment of brushes in height through a spindle fixed to the machine.
Compact Transport Size. A foldable handle reduces the size to (LxWxH) 800 x1,170x635mm.
Fine Dosing of Water with tap integrated in handle.
Durable surface protection by galvanizing!


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