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Huge Discounts On Bulk Orders – Call 0845 862 1099 For A Bespoke Quote.

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Larsen Professional SLC 2500 Self Levelling Compound 25kg Full Pallet x 39 Bags

£752.50 Ex. VAT - £903.00 Inc. VAT

Buy 39 x 25KG bags Larsen SLC 2500, in this Full Pallet Deal. SLC is a rapid set, hand or pump applied cement based, self levelling, external flooring commercial screed. Designed to eliminate surface irregularities, and provide a smooth base in internal & external concrete surfaces, exposed to industrial traffic. SLC can be applied from 5-15mm, or for isolated thickness up to 50mm you can mix 25KG SLC 2500 with 12.5KG of clean, dry 3-6mm aggregate.

Rapid drying | Hard Wearing | Slip resistant finish | External Use |  5-15mm | Foot traffic 2-4 hours | Full Traffic 1-2 Days

Packaging: 25kg multi-wall paper sacks | 39 Bags in this deal. FOC Delivery! 

Coverage: 2m2 per 25kg @ 7mm | 3m2 per 25KG @ 5mm

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Larsen Professional SLC 2500 Self Levelling Compound, 25kg Full Pallet x 39 Bags

Buy in bulk and save with our full pallet deal, 39 – 25KG bags of Professional SLC 2500 External. Larsen SLC 2500 is a single pack, rapid set, fast drying, pump or hand apply, cement based levelling topping. This professional self levelling flooring compound is designed to eliminate surface irregularities and smooth both internal and external concrete surfaces exposed to industrial traffic, in large commercial areas, such as offices, warehouses, industrial units, schools and gyms.

Larsen SLC 2500 is manufactured from a controlled blend of special sands, cements and synthetic polymers to give a high quality flooring product, that is perfectly self-levelling and smoothing, stable and fast drying – which allows vehicular traffic after just 48 hours, meaning less down-time. Professional SLC 2500 is designed for application between 5 and 15mm to provide an exterior wearing surface.

  • Pallet Deal Offer – best trade price on 39 x 25KG bags
  • Self-levelling
  • 5-15mm in one application (isolated thickness of up to 50mm mix 25KG SLC 2500 with 12.5KG of clean, dry 3-6mm aggregate)
  • Rapid drying & hard wearing finish
  • Slip resistant
  • External & Internal Use

How do you prepare for using Larsen SLC 2500 External?

Do not use Larsen SLC 2500 if rain is expected within 8 hours, or if freezing temperatures are expected within 24 hours. You must protect working areas from debris, dirt, dust, and loose particles, until SLC 2500 External Screed has ‘gone off’ – hardened. In accordance with ‘good working practices’ tt is important to ensure that the concrete or screed surface must be suitable to receive the screed, i.e the substrate must be clean and sound.

Heavily trafficked areas or old damaged substrates must be prepared with grit shot blasting or water jetting, to provide a suitable mechanical key. All residue must then be removed to provide a dry, dust free open textured surface free from latency, surface treatment and other contamination.

It is important to ensure that the air and substrate temperatures are +5 degrees before beginning, the surface tensile strength of the substrate should also be a minimum of 1.0MPA.

Do I need to prime before using Larsen SLC 2500?

It isn’t necessary to prime non-absorbent surfaces, however, to ensure satisfactory bonding, the prepared surface should be dampened down to minimise pin-holing. You must ensure that the surface is saturated, but there must be no pooling or ponded water prior to starting application.


SLC 2500 External should not be applied to flexible surfaces, brick paving, bitmac or asphalt. Do not place when substate temperatures are below 5 degrees or ambient temperatures are below 10 degrees and falling. Do not apply above 25 degrees. Extra water should not be added to the mix. If material thickens before it is applied it should be discarded. Protect from direct sun, when applying and curing. Do not apply in excessively windy conditions. do not apply during rain, or when rain is forecast. Protect from frost. do not exceed the maximum recommended water content.

Technical information

Size 25kg multi-wall paper sacks (Pallet deal: 39 x 25kg sacks)
Coverage 2m² per 25kg @ 7mm | 3m² per 25KG @ 5mm
Bed thickness 5-15mm | to 50mm (see above)
Application temperature 5℃ to 30℃
Foot traffic 2-4 hours
Full traffic 1-2 days
Shelf life 6 months when stored in unopened bags and away from damp and drafts

How do I mix Larsen SLC 2500?

Mix Larsen SLC 2500, add 4.5-5 litres of clean water per 25KG bag. Mix with a paddle mixer, for 1-2 minutes or with a suitable continuous mixer or pump. Please note that adding extra water to create a more flowable consistency will cause a loss of strength.

How do I apply Larsen SLC 2500?

To apply Larsen SLC 2500, pour or pump the mixed product onto the prepared surface and then allow the material to attain the required self-level. SLC 2500 External has a working time of 30 minutes at 20 degrees, any product not used at this point should be discarded. Where necessary, then release the air bubbles with a trowel or spiked roller, this should be carried out within 5-10 minutes of application. SLC can be applied from 5-15mm, for isolated thickness of up to 50mm mix 25KG SLC 2500 with 12.5KG of clean, dry 3-6mm aggregate. To lay SLC 2500 to falls, add sufficient water to reach a trowellable consistency.

How do you seal Larsen SLC 2500?

SLC 2500 does not generally require sealing, if extra protection is required, any of Larsen sealers suitable for use on concrete can be applied. For example, Larsen Acrylic Concrete Sealer.

How to prepare joints!

Ensure that all joints subject to movement, are carried up through the SLC 2500 and filled with a suitable joint sealant. Any large or structural cracks should be repaired prior to application of SLC 2500 to reduce the risk of reflective cracking in the topping.


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