Flowable grout vs brush-in grout

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What is flowable grout?

Flowable grout is a cement-based slurry which is used to fill the joints in patios, terraces, paving and pavements. Applied as a wet slurry, a flowable grout can take 24–72 hours to set, although rapid-setting grouts can set within the hour and some within as little as 15 minutes. When applied correctly, weeds will find it very difficult to penetrate through the cementitious jointing compound between the pavers.

Flowpoint is a flowable grout that can last as an effective jointing compound for as long as 40 years when applied correctly. As a dry, pre-mixed product that forms a wet slurry after adding water, Flowpoint makes it easy to get the right consistency of flowable grout. Mixing only takes a few minutes.

Ideal for pointing joints in both manufactured pavers and natural stone, Flowpoint can harden within just 15 minutes at temperatures of 20oC, is ready to be cleaned after 30 minutes, can be walked on after an hour and can receive vehicle traffic after four hours. A pressure washer can be used on set Flowpoint grout without risking cracks or breaks in the mortar.

What is the difference between a brush-in and a flowable slurry grout?

A brush-in grout is permeable and made of a sand-based compound, while a flowable slurry grout is impermeable and made of a cement-based slurry. Brush-in grouts can be easier to apply when grouting small areas. Whereas a wet slurry grout is often more durable and ideal for larger projects such as commercial projects and professional domestic landscaping.

Some brush-in grouts, such as Premjoint, can last for as long as 20 years and even beyond 40 years when applied correctly. Premjoint comes in grey and black, which you may prefer for the aesthetics of your paving project. Premjoint can be used with any stone – whether manufactured or natural – and is ideal for use with premium quality natural stone including granite and porcelain.

There are some flowable slurry grouts, such as Flowpoint, that can last for as long as 40 years without the need to regrout. Flowpoint comes as a dry, premixed product that helps you to achieve the right consistency of wet slurry each time after adding the required amount of water. Rapid setting within 15 minutes at temperatures of 20oC, it can be used with all types of pavers – both manmade and those made from natural stone including granite and porcelain – and comes in natural grey and charcoal.